Monday, October 31, 2011

Dear Sweet Little Lobster,

Daddy is putting you to bed right now.  I am too tired to do anything but lay on the bed and blog.  It's been a long day of fun...your first Halloween!  It was so exciting for me to actually have a baby to dress up and play with this year.

Our fun started last week when we went to Bapa's ward Halloween party. That was your lobster debut, and even I was shocked by how much people loved the costume.  I mean, I knew it was cute...but literally everyone in the party, even perfect strangers, stopped to ooh and goo over you.  You were such a hit. The best part was when you fell asleep in the stockpot.  A-dorable.

After that experience, I knew that we needed more opportunities to show you off.  Neither our ward nor our friends was having a Halloween party, and since Cousin Callum is in California with his parents visiting Aunt Laura, we didn't have anyone to go Trick-or-Treating with.  I was afraid it was going to be a pretty dull Halloween--so I planned some fun for us.  First, we met my dear friend Sandy for breakfast at The Pancake House.  You wore your costume to the restaurant, and Sandy (and everyone else) just loved it.  Then, we met Daddy at his work for lunch.  This was the highlight of the day.  Dad was so proud to show you off to his co-workers at the dental clinic, and then we walked across the street to the hospital cafeteria to grab some food.  You were sitting in your stockpot, and oh my goodness, Noah, you were like a celebrity!  The cafeteria was full of people, many of them in costume, and I don't think a single person in the room didn't comment on your costume, stop to talk to you, ask to take your picture, and smile and laugh at the little lobster.  As we walked through the masses, we heard so many people chuckling and saying "Look, he's in a pot!" or "That is the cutest costume I've ever seen!" or "Awwwww!"  It was unreal!  I have never had that much attention directed toward me while I was in a public place--and, of course, you were completely oblivious to it. :)  Then we went home, and while I made a Halloween dessert and cleaned our apartment, you got a little break from the sweaty costume (you actually took a 3 hour nap--I guess the morning's excitement was too much for you).  At 7:00, you got back in your costume because a few of our favorite couples from the ward came over for dessert.  Everyone agreed that you couldn't possibly be any cuter.

It turned out to be a really great day, but now I am completely worn out.  You are heavy in that stockpot!!  As soon as I finish this letter, I'm going to bed!!!

I love holidays.  They bring the world together.  I can't wait to celebrate so many Halloweens with you--I promise that I will always try to make it a special day for you and for our family.

Happy First Halloween, Little "Lobby!"  (That's what I called you all day.)




Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Shoe Shopping with Mom and Aunt Laura

Please notice the stacks of boxes on your lap, and on the front of your stroller!  

Thanks for holding on to all those boxes for us, Sweet Pea!

You were a great helper for about ten minutes, and then, in typical male fashion, you got tired of shopping and started fussing.  Figures.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dad's Little Sports Star

Your dad loves sports, and he is already trying to teach you to love them as well.  Every time I turn around, you have a new and different type of ball with you, all strategically placed by your father.  It makes me laugh.

Look under your left elbow. :)
If you turn out to be an athlete, I think I know who will be at every one of your games! :)

Nightly Tradition

Every night before you go to bed, we sit in your blue rocking chair and I sing to you.  It's one of my favorite parts of the day--I love snuggling with you.

I love to sing you "Edelweiss" and "Where is Love?" (the two lullabies that your Grandma Sally sang to me), "Abide With Me Tis Eventide," and "Hush, the Gentle Night is Falling."

When Daddy puts you to bed, he sings too.  Though he isn't much of a singer, you don't seem to mind a bit.  You are as content with him as you are with me.

Love you, Baby.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Uncle Derek's Wedding Week

We got to spend 10 days with Grandma Nielson and Aunt Ashley as we helped them prepare for Uncle Derek and Aunt Alli's wedding!  We had a great time with them in Pocatello the week before the wedding, and then we had a great time with the whole family in Salt Lake the days immediately surrounding the wedding.

Aunt Ashley played with you every morning
You love Grandma's voice.  You smile almost every time she talks to you.
It is adorable!
Meeting Uncle Tanner for the first time
The happy couple at their "rehearsal dinner"
You slept through the festivities at the temple the day of the wedding, which was just as well because it was freezing.
Aunt Ashley made you an adorable purple tie for the reception and wedding party pictures.
My handsome men
Dad and Uncles
Uncle T
Uncle Cole


The Love Birds
(You don't look too pleased)
Aunt Edna
Great Grandpa Haines
Four generations of Stratford heritage!
Cousin Tyson
(He was actually excited to hold you, though he doesn't look like it)
The happy family!
After meeting so many people and enduring so much excitement, you were tired!

Get ready to do it again next month for Cole's wedding! :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Visit with Katie and Drew

We spent last week in Idaho for Uncle Derek's wedding, so we drove to Salt Lake one evening to see Katie and Drew and their families.  When we pulled up to Drew's house, he and Katie were waiting outside, and she started jumping up and down in excitement, and he gave her a high five--it was priceless.  I love those two, and I love how much they love you.

I parked the car and looked around, surprised by the number of cars in the driveway and parked on the street.  I asked, "Are all of these cars here for Noah?"  Sure enough, your fan club was waiting! :)  Shanea's family had gathered for a dinner in your honor (they couldn't wait to see how big you had gotten), and they had invited Katie's family too--so it was a big crowd.  You did really well with all of the attention.  I've said it before, and I'll say it are one LOVED baby.

Logan, Drew's little brother
We did a little photo shoot outside.  It was a beautiful fall evening.

We spent the night at Katie's house, and it was fun to get to spend lots of time with her and her siblings.  They are such a fun family.

We were sad to leave--but excited that we got to see Katie just a few days later at Uncle Derek's wedding reception!  Unfortunately, Drew had to go back to St. George for school (he had made a special trip up to see you), so he couldn't come to the wedding reception.  :(  We hope to see both of them again next month when we are in Utah for Uncle Cole's wedding.

We love open adoption!