Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Miracle to Remember


I have to tell you about a miracle that occurred in our home this month.  I want to remember it forever.

I know I've already told you that you've been a fussy baby. Well, I haven't told you just how fussy.  There are days when you cry non-stop, and I am so exhausted by the time your dad gets home from work that I just hand you over and cry myself.  It's been very difficult, but I've tried not to dwell on it because I don't want you or your birthparents or anyone else to think that I'm not grateful for you.  I am SO grateful for you, and I love you so much.  No amount of crying would change that.

But one day a couple of weeks ago was a particularly bad day.  You weren't just fussing or crying--you were full on screaming for hours.  I bounced you and rocked you and fed you and tried to distract you, but you would not be soothed.  At this point, I convinced myself that something must be really wrong.  I decided you must have an ear infection or something.  I called my friend who is a nurse, and when she heard you hollering in the background, she said to take you to the doctor right away.

At the appointment, the doctor checked everything--your ears, your stomach, your throat, your skin--but you looked 100% healthy.  You are gaining weight like a champ (you'd gained a pound in two weeks, which is a lot for a little baby), and your development is right on track.  The doctor said you just have colic, and it might take another six weeks to grow out of it.

I left the appointment feeling relieved that you were okay but also discouraged that I didn't know how to help you feel better.  In tears, I called your dad and asked him to give you a priesthood blessing when he got home from work.  He gladly agreed, and he said he would give me a blessing as well.

That night, I held you and gave you a bottle while your dad laid his hands on your head and gave you a  blessing.  He blessed you that you would feel better and that your colic would end soon.  He told you how much we love you.  Maybe it was my imagination, but I swear I felt your little body relax in my arms as soon as your dad finished his prayer.  The amazing thing is, you slept soundly until morning.  You hadn't slept that many hours straight in weeks.

After you had fallen asleep, your dad gave me a blessing and, among other things, blessed me that I would continue to be able to recognize and respond to your needs.  He said that Heavenly Father would guide me in my efforts to soothe you and mother you.  I went to bed feeling so much more peace.

Believe it or not, you woke up the next morning a different baby.  You were cooing and smiling.  You didn't fuss for more than five minutes all day.  I had never in the entirety of your 4.5 months of life seen you so content.  It was truly a miracle, and I kept saying little prayers all day thanking Heavenly Father for showing me that He is aware of our family.

I called your Grandma Nielson to tell her the good news (everyone in our families had been worrying about you and praying for you), and she said that she had been in the temple the day before, and she put your name and our names on the prayer roll.  So on the same day that your dad gave you a blessing, your grandma was thinking about you in the temple!  No wonder Heavenly Father worked a miracle on your behalf! :)

I wish I could say that everything in the weeks since has been perfect, but that wouldn't be totally true.  We've had some more tough days, but overall, I would say that you have been much happier since your blessing.  I usually don't get dramatic and immediate answers to prayers, but I truly feel like I witnessed a miracle this time.  It would be easy to say it was just a coincidence, but I know in my heart that it wasn't.  I don't know why God intervenes and alters some situations and not others...I don't know why some prayers are answered so immediately and some are not...all I know is that I am grateful for this little miracle this one time, and I never want to forget it.

Love you, my happy little man.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Great Granny and Great Grampy

We live less than two miles away from your great grandparents.  They love it, and so do we.  We sit next to them every Sunday at church, and they cannot get over how cute you are or how cute your outfits are.  They frequently call me and ask, "When do we get to see that baby?" or "When are you going to let us babysit Noah?"  They are 83 years old, and they love to babysit you.  They even get down on the floor and play with you.  It is so precious.  We are so lucky to live near them, and we are so grateful that they are in such good health.  We look forward to spending many more years with them.

It was so much fun to spend time with them this Christmas season!

This is the ginormous dog that the great grandparents gave to you. :)

Monday, December 26, 2011

Cousin Callum

Your first Christmas was so much fun because you got to spend the week with your cousin Callum at Bapa's house.  Callum is so sweet with you--he always gives you hugs and kisses and is very concerned when you're crying.  He calls you "Baby Noah," never just "Noah."  I have a feeling you two are going to be great buddies someday (when you're big enough to actually play with him).

Callum loves to "hold" you.  You're not sure how you feel about it.
That's better! 
Snugging on the Grinch quilt
Snuggling while watching the Grinch 
Christmas Eve!
Aunt Sarah made you these matching shirts! :) 
Christmas morning, heading to church 
Callum agreed to "babysit" you while Mom and Dad went on our anniversary date.
(Don't worry, Aunt Sarah was there supervising.)
New matching pjs from Aunt Sarah!
You love your Cousin Cal, and he loves you!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Baby's First Christmas

Though you slept through a lot of the festivities, you had a wonderful first Christmas.  You were surrounded by family, showered with snuggles and kisses, spoiled with gifts, and provided with tons of wrapping paper to tear up and play with.  What more could a baby want??

Uncle Sam helped you open your first gift of the season:
A board book (Where is Spot?) from your Great Aunt Muriel
Aunt Sarah made you this cute shirt, and you wore it for Christmas Eve dinner.
Christmas smooch! 
The whole clan on Christmas Eve
The whole clan on Christmas Day!
You wore a little Mr. Rodgers sweater to church.
You got "baby's first Christmas" ornaments from both of your grandparents.  Darling!

Probably my favorite gift that you received is a killer cute owl hat from Bapa.  To die for.

When the week was over, we all spent the day taking down Christmas decorations.  Your dad helped by entertaining you, so you wouldn't cry.  He got the best job of all!

After all of your hard work that day, you were exhausted and decided to snuggle with Bapa and watch football for the evening. :)

I am already looking forward to next Christmas with you!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

You are the cutest elf in the entire world and the best Christmas present I ever couldn't hoped for!

I love you, Noah!

Friday, December 23, 2011


I can't believe how quickly you are growing up, Noah.  It is crazy!  You used to be my tiny newborn, and now you are my chubby baby.  You seem to get bigger and smarter and more independent by the day.

Some milestones from the last month:

#1: You tried rice cereal!

Getting ready
"I think I'll eat this bib for breakfast."
First Bite
"Yum!  What is that new taste??"
On Second Thought
"Actually, this stuff is disgusting."
Final Decision
"I'm going to stick with eating the bib!"
You don't seem to like rice cereal much.  You'll eat a couple of bites if we force you to, but you're never excited about it.  We are going to try some pureed vegetables or maybe banana or applesauce soon.

#2:  You got your hair cut!

I didn't want to do it, but it needed to be done.  Your hair had thinned so much in the back and on the sides that you looked like a middle aged man with a strange combover.  Don't believe me?

The aerial view
Only one patch of hair on the side
Your aunts cut your hair while I held you and lamented.  I was so sad to see your "trademark" wild hair go, but you are still as cute as ever:

You are as worried as I am!
Phew!  Still darling!
I can't believe how quickly your hair is growing back.  It's been about a week and a half since we cut and buzzed it, and it has already made noticeable growth.  I think it is coming back blonde!  We'll see.

#3: You learned to hold yourself steady in a sitting position.

This is your newest trick.  It's adorable.  You especially love admiring yourself in the mirror. :)

A little video of you sitting up.  As usual, excuse my annoyingness.

You have gotten so much happier in the last two weeks, and you are a delight to be around.  You laugh and smile all the time.  It is so fun to be your mom and to watch as you change and learn and grow.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Saturday, December 10, 2011


Barry the Buffalo!!

Your dad bought this stuffed animal for you at his graduation from the University of Buffalo Dental School.  (You weren't born yet, but we were excitedly awaiting your arrival.)  He recently named it "Barry."  (Gerry the Giraffe...Barry the Buffalo...I think he likes rhyming and alliteration!)

And the onesie you are wearing in this picture came from one of your mom's BFFs in Buffalo, Natalie Dayton.

We love Buffalo, and we love you!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Four Months Old!

Sweet Baby Noah,

You are four months old today!  You are getting so big.  Your eyes are wider, your hair is longer, and your scream is louder.  You are growing up.

I took you to the doctor today for your four-month check up, and she discovered that you are teething.  When she shone the flashlight into your mouth, we could see two tiny bottom front teeth about to break through the gums.  No wonder you've been so cranky this week--I was quite relieved to find out that there is a reason (and it's not that you hate your mother) AND that there is a solution (Baby Tylenol) for your grumpiness.

We spent last week in Idaho with family for Thanksgiving, and you were one happy little baby.  Everyone was there--Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Ashley and Uncle Nate, Aunt Alli and Uncle Derek, Aunt Sara and Uncle Cole, and Uncle Tanner--and everyone held you and talked to you and danced with you.  I don't think you made a single whimper the entire week without someone scooping you up to soothe you.  You are one seriously loved little baby.

As is always the case for adults when they return from vacation, it's been a bit of a shock for you to be back to reality.  Mom can't hold you 24/7.  She isn't strong enough, and she has to occasionally do things like clean the house and make dinner.  Sorry, Kiddo.

It is really hard for me when you cry and fuss, and you still do that much of the day.  It makes me feel helpless, isolated, and unsuccessful.  I will admit that the transition to being a stay-at-home mom has been difficult for me.  There is no where else I'd rather be, but it is hard nonetheless.  I think it is pretty common for women to feel this way, but I feel an added sense of guilt because I wanted you for so long and I want to be the perfect mother to you.  I was telling your dad tonight, "The only reward that mothers get is to see that their children are happy."  So when you're unhappy, I just feel rotten.

Cheer up soon, okay?

Christmas is coming, and snow was falling today.  It was so pretty, and I tried to show you out the apartment window.  You were staring so intently that I thought you were enjoying the wintery scene as much as I was...but then I noticed that you were merely staring at the string dangling from the blinds.  Go figure.

You started kind of playing with toys this month.  You love watching the mobile above your crib and batting at the toys hanging from your play gym.  You curl your legs up to your stomach and put your hands in your mouth as you watch the toys swaying above you.  It's too cute.

You've only rolled over once, that I've seen.  You don't like "tummy time" at all, so you rolled from your tummy to your back in order to escape.  I thought you'd be an early crawler because you are so strong, but if you refuse to be on your stomach, you might skip crawling all together and go straight to walking in several months. that's a crazy thought.

The doctor said we should start you on solid foods now, so we'll try some rice cereal next week.  I hope you're not too excited...because that stuff is seriously bland.  But then again, anything tastes better than formula.  I recently tried a little sip, and I now understand why you spit up so often.  I would throw that stuff up too.  Sooooo nasty.

Speaking of spit up, you are a geyser.  Today while we were waiting in the examination room for the doctor, you spit up down my shirt (creating a sticky pool in a most uncomfortable place) and then you spit up in my lap (creating a large wet spot in a very unfortunate place).  Seriously, the doctor probably thought that mommy needed a diaper.  So embarrassing.  But despite your constant spewing, you are gaining weight and growing just fine.  You weigh 14 lbs 14 oz (50th percentile), and you are 25.5 inches long (74th percentile).  Unlike your cousin Callum and your Aunt Sarah, you have a tiny head (26th percentile), which explains why none of your little baseball hats really fit you yet.  Oh well...we wouldn't want to cover up your cute hair anyway.

You did look super darling in this little beanie today though:

Love this little reindeer outfit for December 1st
Happy Four Month Birthday, Noah.

We love you so much.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Noah's November

November is a special month: It's the month of Thanksgiving, and, perhaps not coincidentally, it's also National Adoption Month!  We are so grateful for adoption, and we are so grateful for you, Noah.  To celebrate National Adoption month, I did a lot of posts about adoption on my blog, and Katie also wrote up her full story.  I know you will love reading her perspective someday.

To celebrate Thanksgiving, we went to Idaho to spend the holiday with Grandma and Grandpa Nielson.  Your Uncle Cole also got married the week before Thanksgiving, so we ended up spending 10 days with the family, and you loved every minute of it.  You were happier and smilier than I've ever seen you.  And why wouldn't you be, when you got to spend so much time with so many of your favorite people??

Your Uncles and Aunts:

Your Grandpa and Grandma:

Your Birthparents (we saw Katie several times, and we saw Drew for an afternoon when he was home for his college break):

I think you were sad that you couldn't join us in eating the ginormous FH'zookie.
P.S. I love this little frowny face you make.  It is precious. 
Your Mom:

Your Dad:

Matching cowlicks!

You had a very eventful November...and your December will be just as fun with your Westover relatives.  You are one lucky baby!!