Friday, July 20, 2012

Your First Real Haircut

Your hair grows at incredible rates of speed!  You were born with so much hair, which was amazing, but then we had to shave you bald due to your unfortunate hair loss.  I was so worried that your hair would never grow back, but within six months, you had so much hair again that it was turning into a bowl cut.  It was starting to look quite dorky, so I tried to trim it up myself (that was a mistake).  This week, I decided I would take you to get a real hair cut before your one-year-old photos were taken.

My friend Alisha is a hair dresser at a fancy salon, and she cuts her friends' hair on her day off, so I went to her for your new 'do.  We went to her house and brought your high chair and the secret weapon: your favorite Baby Einstein video! :)  You watched the movie intently and, for the most part, didn't even seem to notice that your luscious locks were being whacked off.  You were so good, and I LOVE the way your hair turned out.  Sooooo cute!

You look a little skeptical of the end result. :)  It doesn't stay spiked this high for very long (your hair is fine and doesn't stay styled), but it's a pretty cute mohawk for such a little boy.

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